Wow! I'm Popular?!?


Written on Friday, May 30, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

This is my last day as a student assistant. If ever you have enrolled to Asia Pacific College, you'll never miss me. We have talked already. I'm the girl who validates your I.D., signs your registration forms and gives you a lot of pamphlets.

This is such a wonderful experience talking to people in all walks of life and in different moods. Hehe. Most of the people are nice. I think people are nice when you are nice too and whenever I smile to them. Some are snobbish, in a hurry or just plain angry at life. And I' just smile away to them. I don't get anything by being upset except wrinkles. LOL.

For 5 days, I have talked talked to 200+ people a day. Almost 1000+ people in all. And take note: they wait for my signature. I felt I was a superstar and a fan of mine is waiting for my signature. Hehe. Now, I know how it felt to be a star and popular. Haha.

I'm a very shy girl and you'll never get to notice me. And now everybody knows my face. Some of the students even get to ask my name. Some even wants to know my friendster account. Haha. Because of that I was actually thinking of promoting my blog, but I was so shy to do such a thing.

I know they'll forget me about a week after this. But at least it's nice to be popular for 5 consecutive days. =D

People inquiring at the registrar's office.

My log book.. Lot of people already have signed

My supervisor's screensaver, Miss Cecille
that's why many people call her "Betty Boop"

Egg Pie, that's our free snack

Me and my co-student assistant, April.
She's also my blockmate.

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