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Written on Friday, May 23, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

When I was blog hopping, I saw a blog entry saying that she has just signed up for PayPerPost. She said that it's a great way to blog and to be paid for what you are blogging. I got curious so I researched PayPerPost in the internet.

PayPerPost (PPP) is a website which helps content creators such as bloggers, videographers, podcasters and photographers find advertisers willing to sponsor specific content. (Wiki Definition)

I also saw that many people have joined themselves and it was credible so I signed up my blog.

What I like about PayPerPost is that they pay you while blogging and not just that you can also meet other PayPerPost friends as well . It's a great way to reward yourself.

It's nice to have some extra bucks because I really need it for my tuition fee. As a college student, I need to pay for the internet bills and my computer books as well which really cost a lot. And if ever I'll get rich by doing this, (which is I don't know if this will happen) I'll give scholarships to students that are in need and deserve to have one. This is such an ambitious goal. LOL.

If you have a blog and wants to earn as well, then I suggest that you sign up as well.
Get paid to blog

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  1. ********* |

    Hi there !
    (Blogging)It's really a cool idea to come up with your ideas n creative thoughts and all that.Keep going !
    Visit my blog as well :-
    Can we xchange links if yes then leave a msg in my c box!

  2. Hachi |

    yay! mabuhay ang commercialized blogging! :D

  3. iamCATHleen..;) |

    sabi sa akin, kelangan naka sub/domain ka para mabigyan kang offers..totoo ba yun?

  4. ennah d student |

    @ Cathleen

    Hindi mo po kailangan ng sub domain. Ikaw naman po pipili ng mga offers e.

  5. mayank |

    Even i recently signed up for PPP! Lets see how it turns out


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