No Tuition Fee Increase & My Scholarship


Written on Monday, May 26, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

I'm glad that Commission on Higher Education or also known as CHED stopped any increase in tuition for state universities and colleges (SUCs) here in the Philippines. They are also convincing private higher institutions to reconsider their plans to hike tuition and other fees for this school year.

When prices are increasing, this is a nice news to here. Even though my school(Asia Pacific College) is a private institution, still they did not have a tuition fee increase. I'm a scholar myself because I cannot afford to pay the 45,000 pesos ($1047) regular tuition fee per semester in my school. I have a 70% discount in which I only pay 14,000-15,00o pesos ($313) per semester. It really helps me to continue pursuing my course.

Because of this scholarship, I have to render student service to the institution. So now, that's enrollment is starting, I'm a student assistant to students that are enrolling. I validate their ID's and registration forms, give them flyers and collegiate calenders and make them fill up a survey.

Well, it's really nice experience to talk to 300 people in just a day. And yet, it's also a tiring job. I have to be there as early as 7:00 am and I can go home at 5:00. I have to say "Thank you" a couple of times and I have to look as if I am not tired. At first, I was energetic but as the day goes by, my energy is wearing off. I have to do this for 5 straight days. Whew, Still, i'm happy doing my job.

I also have to maintain a grade so I need to study hard too. I don't want to lose my scholarship because if ever it will happen, I have to stop going to school, get a job and transfer to another school. I don't want that to happen.

I'm just glad that today, I'm not that a burden to my parents.

Collegiate calendar and flyers that I'm giving away

Got many to give away..

Other student assistants like me..

The long line awaits me...

My supervisors - Registrar's employees.

Being a student assistant will keep me busy this week, I hope I still have time for blogging.

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