Classes Suspended.. Too Late


Written on Wednesday, August 20, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

I woke up late than the usual. During monday, wednesday and friday. I usually wake up at around 6. But today, I woke up at 8:30. The first thing I noticed was the window. It was raining hard outside. I think it was the reason why I didn't wake up early because I enjoyed the coldness the rain was giving. I liked to sleep more but I have classes at 10:40 am so I immediately get up because I need to prepare so I won't get late.

I did my usual routine, checked my mails first before taking a bath. After getting dressed up, I ate my breakfast. I was suppose to go at 9:50 but the rain is still pouring hard and I don't have an umbrella.

Because I don't want to be late for my first class and buying a new umbrella will consume a lot of time (I'll still need to go to the market), I decided to get a cab to school. Right at the moment that I just got inside the cab, my boyfriend texted me that classes in all levels are suspended starting 12:00 nn.

Awww. Come on. Why do people suspend classes in the middle of the day? I only have one class in the morning starting from 10:40 am up to 11:40 am. Getting a cab is such a waste. I wasted 80 pesos just to go to school and to think of it after an hour, I'll be going home already. A waste of time, power and money.

I just wish that the next time they'll suspend classes, I hope they'll suspend it early in the morning. Anyway, I just have to look the brighter side of things. I got home early and I got to do my thesis and rest for a bit.

A Hard Time With Smart Bro


Written on Tuesday, August 19, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

Yesterday, I was suffering from lot of problem loading page when I was surfing the net. At one point a website will be up, and for a few minutes, it will be down again. I had been a Smart Bro subscriber for the past 6 months and this was the first time that I'm really had a hard time with the connection. Considering I'm in the urban (Makati Area), I was shocked to have slow connections.

And as I was browsing the net, I am not alone. A few subscribers also experienced the same thing. After researching some solution, I have found out the smart bro DNS has been poisoned. If you are one of the few subscribers of Smart Bro and want to know how to fix your connection, you could try to change your DNS.

Go to Control Panel -> Network Connections

Right click to your network connection and select Properties

In the list, find Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) at the bottom of the list and double click

At the bottom, select Use the following DNS server addresses.

For the Preferred DNS server, enter this address:
For the Alternative DNS server, enter this address:

The following IP numbers are from . For more information, you can browse their website.

Click Ok. Don't forget to restart your computer so that the changes will take place.

After I have changed my DNS, it worked well for me.

Bye Bye Cabal


Written on Wednesday, August 13, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

I think it's really not my studies that is hindering me from posting regularly in this blog. I think it is because when I have the spare time, I play CABAL online, the hottest MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) in the Philippines. I got so hooked that after school or even at school, I play CABAL online.

I also feel that this is not affecting only my blogging life, but my school life also. I think I am so lazy to study because whenever I have the time, I play CABAL. I even wake in the middle of the night just to play. Or even worst, I play the whole night that I only got 3 hours of sleep. My sleeping pattern is really affected.

I really want to focus with my studies, now that i'm in my major. So even though it's hard for me to leave Cabal, I'm officially saying goodbye to CABAL. YES I AM QUITTING CABAL. Maybe I'll be back after the semester ends. I just don't like CABAL interfering with my school life.

To all my guild mates and buddies, I will miss you. XD

cautionhot (wizard) will be temporary unavailable.

My First Prototype Presentation


Written on Wednesday, August 13, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

I was busy this past few days because I was focused on my project - about the waste exchange system. And by tomorrow, i'll be having my first prototype presentation with the client. I am really not that ready with our prototype. It was so plain and simple with few functionality. Anyway, it's only the first iteration and we will be having a lot of presentation in the following weeks to come.

But because this is my first iteration, I am nervous that we will not able to meet the client's expectation. I am still new to symfony (the framework that I am using) and because of that it's hard for me to work on my project. Shocks, symfony is really giving me the hard time. I hope it's just in the beginning because I'm still a newbie in symfony.

Oh well, I just hope that my client presentation tomorrow will be ok. Wish me luck!

Freebie for E-Gamers Out There


Written on Tuesday, August 05, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

Are you a caballista like me? Do you like playing audition, o2jam or RAN online?

And because i had my birthday last week, I want to give something special to all E-gamers out there. This freebie was suppose to be for my guild mates only but because only few gamers are online on our guild (only 5 at most including me), I want this freebie to be open to anyone who drops by at my blog.

I'm giving away two 50php worth of E-points for the first two person who will write a comment at this blog post and guess what's my middle initial. Well, you have 26 letters to choose from. Hehehe.

It's just a small token for e-gamers who are reading my blog. Well, the mechanics is not that hard.

Don't forget to put your e-mail address so that I can contact you as soon as possible. I'll be sending the pin to your e-mail address. I'll be waiting for your comments.

My Birthday!


Written on Monday, August 04, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

August 1 was my birthday. And now i'm already 19 and a 3rd year student. Time flies so fast and after a year, I'll be graduating already. A year is such a small span of time. So fast that when the time comes, I'll be leaving this blog. Hopefully, to replace a new domain that will serve as my outlet of passion and also to help more people. But I hope before I go and leave this blog, I hope I can leave something worth reading, inspire others and be able to help in my own little way. Anyway, that's my purpose for putting this blog in the first place.

Enough with the realization, I got to have pizza birthday party with my friends at school last Friday. I got a camera but I was so engrossed with the moment that I forgot to capture any pictures. Anyway, it's the memories that will stay in my mind that matters. I really had fun with them. My friends and I are just suckers for pizza.

And the good thing about that day is that it was the last day of I.T. week in our school so there were no classes and I just enjoyed the movie marathon in the auditorium. I had fun watching Sweeney Todd even though it was so bloody and I was relaxed watching What Happens in Vegas. Later that night, the school had an I.T. Night party in which bands played but I did not finished the event because I have to go to our house and have a little celebration with my family. I got a chocolate cake, chicken and spaghetti.

After that mini-celebration with my family, my boyfriend and I went on a date and we are supposed to watch the mummy but the seats are already full, even the last full show. So, I just bought some medicine because I had runny nose at that day, stroll in the mall and went straight home. It was really a one jam packed day but I really had fun.

I can't imagine this is my last year being a teenager after a year I'll be twenty-teen. Gosh, I'm really getting older. Anyway, everybody is getting older. Hehehe.