Cd-R King: Price Vs. Quality Vs. Service


Written on Tuesday, May 20, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

Cd-r King is one of the leading one-stop shop for your technological needs here in the Philippines. You can see their branch everywhere. And as a student, I always buy at Cd-r King because they have way cheaper price than any other stores.

Why is Cd-r King price way cheaper? They say it's because they buy right from the factory and they buy bulk orders.

I say it's because its an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) from China. And because it's way cheaper, you are not guaranteed of its quality.

Actually I've buy a lot of items from Cd-r king and many of them are still working. Just a few of them are not. I got a lot of blank cds from Cd-r King and a mouse not working . But my router, notebook cooler and my web cam are still perfectly in shape. I still use my Kingston USB from them. You just need a lot of luck to have good items from Cd-r King that last.

And one thing that I really hate about Cd-r king is the long line of people just to buy from them. They can prevent this from having an automated system. I just hate it when they still have to put the receipt in a piece of paper.

Nevertheless, I have no choice. Since I'm saving up my money, I still have to buy in Cd-r King stores. Just wish me luck that I'll get a good product.

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  1. Beena |

    Exactly the same sentiments here.

    I buy only the cheapest items at CD-R King like blank dvds and cds. I never buy items like an external hard drive or a USB. It's too risky. I don't really trust in the quality of their products that much.

    And I also hate the long line. Sometimes I just leave after getting fed-up with the slow service.

    But as you said, I've got no choice being the student that I am. I don't have enough funds to be a frequent buyer at shops like Electroworld, Octagon and others.

  2. lionel |

    Well, we all do get what we pay for. If you have serious archival needs, get the higher priced CDRs. CDR King is affordable, but very hit-and-miss. Some work, some don't.

    And I agree on the long lines. (Though I haven't been back to the Phils in a year.)

  3. Ethyl Alcohol |

    i just buy blank cds in cdr-king. i don't trust them when it comes to USB, SDcard, etc haha. in robinsons pioneer, the branch of cdr-king there doesn't have a long queue unlike in other branches. that's why i usually buy there. haha

  4. daibasu |

    reminds me of the cdrs ive just bought that turns out to be not working... badtrip talaga... but their prices are really affordable

  5. lionel |

    BTW, love that graphic which says "NO STAR ENDORSER!"


  6. ennah d student |

    @ ethyl alcohol

    their USB are perfectly ok. I used to buy in St. Francis where there are no long lines but they closed already. i'll try at robinson's pioneer. :D

    @ lionel

    the whole graphic was so funny so i thought of grabbing it from their site.

  7. grape |

    I agree with you guys.. they DO sell cheap techie stuffs.. eventhough their service SUCKS big time, i still buy from them.. mostly blank dvds anyway.. in 100 encounters from their staffs, i'd say i only met ONE staff who is actually nice and cheerful.. not like the rest of them that looks like they're selling their souls to you or somethin. hehe :D

    my bf recently bought me a notebook cooler that doesnt work. well.. they said what they have is a standard fan (believe me, those guys like selling their "standard" crap a LOT). i totally agree with that.. a standard fan indeedie.. a kid's fart is a lot "windy" than what they sell..

    oh well.. it just bugs me that although we sure are getting what we bought for, well, they should at least be a little nicer to their customers.. i do empathize with them coz i know they have crappy salaries.. but it's not an excuse to be mean. know what i mean?.. hehe :D

    generaly though, i try to buy as much blank dvds as much as i can so that they wont ruin my day... nuff said.:D

  8. fan |

    We love the products & prices at CDRKING but catalog products are out of stock!

    CDR King is growing fast with new varied products which customers love. With new electronic cameras, larger drives for mp4, computer phones, and now even batteries for nokia cell phones (now mostly out of stock but still shown in the online catalog) it shows there is a huge demand for these products at reasonable prices! Keep up the great product line expansion and great prices. And the website is excellent but ordering online should be provided! And the instant chats with technicians are good but the inventory and stock availability is so old fashioned for a modern tech selling firm like CDRKING. And the long lines with inefficient checkout make customers feel like animals rather than king.


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