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Written on Monday, May 26, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

Dinosaur King is a card collecting video game from Sega. The game involves card collection in which cards can be categorized as a dinosaur card, a move card and a character card. At first, the arcade machine will dispense a card. After giving you your card, you will choose to battle it out with a computer or a friend. After choosing, a player has to swipe in the arcade machine a dinosaur card and move cards. If you don't have any you can use the default dinosaur and moves along it. You can also use a character card instead of a dinosaur card. However, character cards are rare and is only given to Dinosaur King tournament winners.

The game concept is rock-paper-scissors, in Filipino "Bato-bato-Pick". A player has to choose from the three buttons, rock in color red, scissors in yellow and paper in blue. The scissors beats the paper, the paper beats the rock and the rock beats the scissors. The one who wins the rock-paper-scissors gets the chance to hit the losing dinosaur. Every dinosaur has its strength value depending on the type of dinosaur. If one hits another dinosaur, he loses some strength. You win if you get to hit him many times that he gets knockout in which he has no strength value at all.

Almost every month usually during the weekends, the Powerstation in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati schedules tournaments to kids 15 and below. They battle it out with friends and this brings good camaraderie to young children. The final four winners are given 200 gift certificates from Powerstation, the 2nd gets 1,500 gift certificate and the champion gets to go home 2,000 gift certificates, a collector's item dinosaur and a character card courtesy of Powerstation.

Yesterday, my brother and I went there because my brother wants to join the tournament and I accompanied him. Luckily, he won and was the champion. I am so proud of him. If you think it's just a child's game, my brother also used some strategy and techniques to win. And of course some luck.

The emcee, Marvin, giving his own comments while the tournament is going on

My brother is the guy in blue. He's starting to swipe his card.

Got into the final four

With other final four finalist.

As a champion, he got this cute dinosaur collectible.

If you want to know the tournament schedules, you can visit Powerstation at the 3rd floor of Powerplant Mall and it's also posted in all Powerstation branches.

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