Compiling Open Suse 10.2 Kernel


Written on Monday, September 29, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

I've been trying to compile the kernel for two days already and still was not successful. I got a hard time with my hard disk so I decided that I have to reformat it even though I did not like the idea. I had a lot of files there that for me are very important. But I'm having a hard time with it, so I really need to reformat it as soon as possible.

Compiling of kernel really takes a long time. It really needs a lot of patience. Hopefully, by tomorrow I get to work it. All I did today was to compile the kernel, but i was not successful. Getting disappointed with it, but I won't lose hope.

U.S Presidential Politics


Written on Monday, September 29, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

This survey is all about what I think about the U.S. Presidential Politics

Freebie: Win a Free Handbag


Written on Monday, September 29, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

Yes, this is true! And there's no catch here. This means no shipping/handling fees or credit card required. Yes, it’s really that simple!

Handbag Planet is launching at October 15, 2008. Their giving away free handbags every hour on the day of the launch!

You just have to sign up, choose your bag and wait!

I’ve joined myself and now I’m sharing this FREE opportunity to you

And you can choose the handbag you want!


Happy 10th Bday Google!


Written on Sunday, September 28, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

As I opened my browser today, it gave me a hint that today's google 10th anniversary

And i confirmed it when I saw it in the Official Google Blog. And I just want to greet Google


Google is one of the leading companies and I want to congratulate you for a decade of success.
Keep moving forward! :D

As you can see in the picture, they want as a gift aside from the cake and the party hat is a
new server rack. With billions of profit, I know you can buy it for yourself. LOL.

Don't Be Fooled @ Hoffman MC Depot


Written on Sunday, September 28, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

It's sad to hear a lot of people are taking advantage of other individuals for their own benefit. It's been common here in the internet world - scamming, phishing attacks and etc. And not only in the internet world, but as well in the REAL world.

Yesterday, my mother and I went to MC Home Depot at their branch at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. We went there to buy vinyl tiles and as we went there, there was a promo girl in front who approached us and said that she will give us a mug by just visiting their showroom. I was skeptic about it. My mom said it would be nice if we could get a discount at their tiles. So even though I did not like the idea of going to their showroom, I just went with my mom.

The promo girl did not actually say anything about their product as we were walking towards the showroom so we both thought that it was a showroom of tiles, lighting or home furnitures. When we went there, it was actually a showroom of electronic appliances - made by HOFFMAN.

Because the promo girl said that she'll just tell to us some of their product, i sat down with my mom and attentively listen to the promo girl with their manager babbling about the usual - what's good about their product and what makes it a best buy. I don't want to be rude so even though i'm skeptic about the whole idea, I listen through all of it. Some of their products are 19 inch portable lcd t.v., chiller, air purifier, dvd player and some plates (they were extra ordinary because only 100 pieces of it are distributed through out the Philippines; they said Imelda Marcos actually bought one like that). What I liked from all about their product is only the 19-inch portable lcd t.v.

As we are about to go, the promo girl gave us a discount and asked us if where we live. My mom said that we lived in Makati. All the staffs including the promo girl and the manager was astonished to find out that we lived in Makati because they have a promo that the first 10 person to go to their showroom who lived in Makati will be given free 19-inch portable lcd t.v. worth about 39,000 pesos. I looked like I don't believe it. So the manager explained that it was free because instead of hiring a model to endorse their product, they were giving it free. For me to believe it, he actually called their supervisor that it was actually true. My mom talked to him and confirmed that it was actually true, and not only that, they're giving away the chiller, air purifier and two set of the extra-ordinary plates.

I was still not convinced because I would like to know the catch about it so the manager told us the three conditions. The manager said that the only conditions are: (1) we have to say that it was not given free - as if we really bought it; (2) we will use it for a year and we will not sell it to other people; (3) we will not in any way erase or block the brand name HOFFMAN in their product. The conditions were not that hard to comply with so my mom was actually happy to hear that it was actually free.

They have placed the products already in place for us to bring it, when the manager said that we have to buy at least one for us to bring to whole package. That's the big catch over there. They were actually forcing us to buy it because it was already packed and was already in place.

Without further ado, I said that we don't have that money right now (the cheapest was the lcd monitor worth 39,000 pesos and it's not our main purpose there anyway) and walked away from the showroom. The staff there did not even gave our supposedly free mug for visiting the showroom. And I was actually disappointed that they were fooling us to buy their product. They should have said that in the first place.

I did not post it to ruin someone's business. I post it for people to know what they are ACTUALLY doing. That's really not a good thing to force people to buy your product. I hope everybody should be aware of this kind of thing.



Written on Saturday, September 27, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

I'm getting busy with things right now because I'm working on my project. I have a client presentation this friday, October 3. I hope we would do well in the presentation even though there's a little progress in our prototype. These couple of days, I'm too lazy to look at our prototype because I know once I go through it, hello stress again. But I have to. I cannot escape from this. But somehow I manage to escape by not focusing on it. LOL.

I was suppose to work on the project today but once again, because I want to break loose, I invited my mom to go to mall today. Even though she knows that I have a lot of things to do, she still accompanied me. I was surprised that she did not forced me to just stay at our house. I felt she was also stressed out.

Tomorrow, I will be doing the project with my groupmates in one of my groupmate's house. I just hope that we'll accomplish a lot of things. But I don't want to stress myself out. I think I need to go with the flow.

Windy Alternatives


Written on Saturday, September 27, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

Wind produces about 1% of world-wide electricity use... However, it accounts for approximately 19% of electricity production in Denmark, 9% in Spain and Portugal, and 6% in Germany and the Republic of Ireland. For your country, are you in favor of continued development of the technology and distribution of wind power as an alternative to non-renewable energy sources?

Take the survey below to answer the question.

Well, for me, I think the Philippines need to switch to windy alternatives. Price of electricity here is very high. We need alternative solutions

Visual Talking


Written on Friday, September 26, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

I've answered again some questions about Visual Talking. The site is really nice. You'll squeeze a lot of your creativity juices when you're in the site. And it's also a nice way and sweet way to say something to your friends and love ones.

Not Feeling Well


Written on Wednesday, September 24, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

I did not go to school today because i'm really not feeling well. My head hurts a lot and my body is aching. I don't have any fever or cold YET. I think a need a little rest because if not it will turn into a flu which I cannot afford to have because every attendance counts a lot. 15% of my grade comes from attendance in my QUAMET class which is my subject every tuesday and thursday. If I get to absent tomorrow, a deduction of 2% will be given - so big for a day of absence.

What's worst with my situation, I can't stand an hour or two in my computer. It's giving me migraines especially when blog hopping. So I really need to just stay in my bed, sleep and take some medicines.

I think what is also affecting my situation is the weather. It's raining all morning and the coldness makes my body hurt more and I don't know why. I hope I get well soon so that I can attend my classes tomorrow.

To Buy Or Not To Buy


Written on Monday, September 22, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

I'm torn if I will still buy the new book for my Operational Research subject a.k.a Quamet2. The book that I need is Quantitative Analysis for Management 9th Edition by Barry Render that will cost about 850 pesos. The book is required for the course but we were also allowed to have photo copies of it. I'll be only using it for three months and it's not my major subject so I'm really thinking twice in buying the book. It's expensive for me and for the fact that I will be only using it for three months makes me think twice.

However, I don't want photo copies of the book because there's a big chance that I might lose it. So I really want a book copy of it. So I'm also considering buying a second hand. The problem is where to find a second hand copy of the book.

I really need the book and I really want to study hard for the subject because I've heard in the upper-batch that my professor is a hard to please one. One subject this term can really affect my GPA because I only got 4 subjects. One subject with a low grade can pull my GPA(Grade Point Average) down. If ever you do have one, can I borrow it? :D I would really appreciate it. Hehehe.

But what do you think, should I buy a new one or just have photocopies?

What I really need is Time


Written on Sunday, September 21, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

I'm really enjoying my load right now - 4 subjects are really not that heavy for me. And I have a lot of time doing things I want to do when I was too busy like blogging, meeting my old friends and others.

But right now, I have many things I want to accomplish. However, I don't know what, when or how to start it. I have many things in my mind right now.I think I just need to write it down so that I can track them all down.

No.1 in my list and my top priority is to master symfony so that I can finish our project about the waste exchange system. I got the habit to play first before working on symfony which is really bad because I end up playing and not doing any symfony lessons. Arggh, it's like online games are calling me when I'm in front of my PC. Hahaha.

No. 2 is to meet my high school and elementary friends. It's really hard to meet up with my grade shool and high school classmates when I got into college because I am so busy with school. Now that my schedule has loosen up a bit, i think this is the time to meet them up.

Third in my list is to post at least once a day in my blog. I know I can do this if I know how to budget my time - my weakness, time management.

Fourth is to learn to cook a new dish. I know how to cook two dishes but how can I just survive knowing only two dish. I think I need to broaden my knowledge about culinary arts.

No. 5 is to make a cross-stitch. I know how to make one and I want to make one for our living room.

N0. 6 is to clean my room. My room is such a mess. I bought a new table but I wasn't able to put it in my room and is still in the living room because it's so heavy. I don't know how to carry it from the first floor to the 3rd floor all by myself. I need help that's why it's taking so long.

Lastly, is to change our telephone billing statement in my name. I need it for paypal purposes. Paypal needs a proof of billing before I can transfer my earnings in my debit card. Paypal is so strict.

And I know I can do all of things, if I was given a lot of time. Even though I have spare time because of the not-so-heavy load, I got a lot of things to do. I think I need a one on one talk with time management.

Getting Addicted at Dneero Conversations


Written on Sunday, September 21, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

I really love answering surveys that's why I'm loving Dneero Conversations. Not only that, I learn something new from Dneero, like Visual Thinking. It's really nice to learn new things and just tried Visual Thinking.
If you are interested in Visual Thinking, you can click below my answered conversation about it

I thought T.V. was dead for me...


Written on Sunday, September 21, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

I recently signed up for Dneero Conversation and I got to join my first conversation about Primetime T.V. I thought I don't watch t.v. anymore because of my hectic schedule as a comsci student but when I got to fill up the survey form, I was shocked to know that I know a lot of primetime show and do actually watch them. Even though I know a lot, I am the kind of person to just record it for later person not unless I really like it like CSI or America's Next Top Model

See My Answers Below

Formal Launching of Easy English PSL


Written on Saturday, September 20, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

Last Sept 12, I went to the formal launching of Easy English Palm Size Learner.(EE PSL) Thanks to the invitation of pinoyblurker of for inviting me. I had nothing to do at that time because it was still my term break and I want to post something for techblog. It was a very notable experience.

Went there by myself. I don't want to bother any of my friends to go with me because it's an early event - 11:30 am. At first I thought, the launching will not push through because three days before the event, i did not receive any notice from the organizer. Only a day before the event that they called me and was informed that the formal launching will be on Meeting Room No. 5 of SMX Convention. Because I had nothing to do, i confirmed that I will go to the launching.

At the day itself, I arrived at Mall of Asia at exactly 11:30 am. The launching started around 11:45 am. Juan Jose Reyes, the Filipino-American entrepreneur who pioneered the Easy English PSL, got to talk about a lot of great things about the product, why they have come up with such a product, their goals, market and future plans.

The Easy English PSL looks like an IPOD which makes it very appealing to children. They hire graphic artist and software programmers here in the Philippines for the technical stuffs and graphics. With the sound, they hire someone from America so that it would come from a native American speaker. All the materials were studied thoroughly by the American Institute for Learning. The product is unique and very promising indeed.

If you want a thorough review of Easy English PSL, you can view my article HERE.


JJ Reyes talking about Easy English PSL

Sample pictures of the product

My Schedule for 2nd Term


Written on Tuesday, September 16, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

Got only 4 subjects this term because I got to advance two subjects that I was suppose to take this term - Economics and Rizal. Good thing because the three out of four subjects are my major subjects. I hope I could use my spare time for the completion of my project for Philippine Business for the Environment(PBE) which is a waste exchange system.

Mondays, Wednesday and Friday

CSPROJ2 = 1:00pm - 2:20pm

Tuesday and Thursday

SYSADD2 = 10:00am - 11:45am
QUAMET2 = 1:30pm - 3:15pm
OPNSCR2 = 3:30om - 5:15pm

I have no classes at Saturday. And I have to attend one class on Monday. The bad thing about the schedule is i'm not with my blockmates anymore. I'm in a different block because it had conflicts with my elective, which is open source. So I was forced to take subjects in a different block.But anyway, I'll still see them at school.

I'll try to change my schedule in the load revision period because I still want to be in my block. ;D

My First DOTA session


Written on Monday, September 15, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

I had my first DOTA session today with my blockmates. It's not my first time to play DOTA, my former high school classmate, Kevin introduced me to DOTA but it's my first time to actually play with my friends and not an A.I as an enemy.

My first impression at DOTA was it was not that fun contrary to the popular belief. Maybe because I only played with an A.I. but when I got my first DOTA session today, i was converted.

I was supposed to go home right after my enrollment today. However, my guy blockmates asked me to join them in their DOTA session. At first I was hesitant, but after thinking long enough and knowing that i don't have things to do at home, i finally agreed.

I was the only girl in the group. I did not get awkward because they were my blockmates. But as I entered the internet shop, that was the time that I got awkward because I was surrounded by boys. But I didn't mind.

I know the basics but I don't actually know how to start with the strategy and what items to buy, so they were kind enough to teach me. I also have a "mercy" status in the group. Because I was newbie, nobody can kill me except if i'm killing them.

For three hours, we got overall 4 games. My team didn't win any of the games. When you're my team mate, our team will surely lose because of me. LOL. However, even if i didn't win, I got to kill some of my hero enemies. It was not about winning but it was about having fun. I did enjoy playing and it was fun having a "mercy" status. Nyahaha.

Till next time, blockmates. :D

Getting Disappointed At E-Games


Written on Sunday, September 14, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

E-games Philippine is the software publisher company behind the revolutionary free-to-play MMORPG in the Philippines like RAN online, Granado Espada, Audition, Cabal and others.

I've been loyal for E-games for quite some time already, about 2 years and I'm getting more and more disappointed at their service.

I even bought a loyalty card in their 1st anniversary gaming event, Domination. I really like their online games, especially Audition, RAN and Cabal. The nice thing about their games are their free to play. But sad to say when it's free, don't expect good customer service.

For a year, I have no complains at them. But lately, I am getting disappointed with their service.
Why? Because of the following reason:

First, my first account at CABAL was banned without no apparent reason. Good thing that I did not bought E-points before I got banned. I did not use any 3rd party program. I think as a gamer, I have the right to know why I was banned. They should inform us through e-mail. I should be able to know what terms did I violate. But sadly, they did not inform me about anything through my email.

Second, the extended maintainance of Audition for almost a day got my and other people den(money in Audition) wiped out. I had almost 1.3 million den. They just gave me 120,000 den as a compensation for the super extended maintainance. And another thing is that there's a lot of bug and bots in Audition.

Even though I'm getting disappointed, I'll still be playing online games of E-games. I really like E-Games but I do hope that they'll do something about their service.

My New Layout


Written on Sunday, September 14, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

Personally, i think the new layout is better than before. The text where so much visible with the white background and it looked so neat.

I changed the layout because I want an invigorating layout. Something that is refreshing. The last layout was more me but more of a personal girly me.

What do you think?



Written on Wednesday, September 10, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

If you see something that is not right in this page, don't worry i'm just experimenting on my site. I want to have a new layout that will somewhat look better for my theme.

To all my link exchange partners: don't worry if you don't see your link here. I'll put them again after the renovation.

Watch out for my new layout. :D

Finally, End of Semester


Written on Monday, September 08, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

Last week was our finals week a.k.a hell week. I was so busy then and not to mention, stressed out. Luckily, i manage to budget my time and do things one step at a time (Jordan Spark is singing in my head - LOL). That was really the key why I managed my time even though I had plenty of things to do.

Last Saturday was our class card distribution. Class card distribution means officially ending the term. Yipee! It means I can relax now. I was so happy that my grades was high enough even though I expect a much higher grade in one of my subject. Anyway, I'm still thankful that I got high grades.

These are my grades:

Note: 4.00 is the highest grade and 0.0 is the lowest with an interval of .5. (which means that the next higher grade to 4.00 is 3.5)

Philosophy of Man - 4.0
Operating System - 3.5
Data Networking - 3.5
System Analysis and Design - 4.0
Statistics - 3.5
Open Source - 3.5

GPA = 3.66

As you can see my grades are the almost there but not quite stage. I'm almost 4.0 but I did not made it. See that's why it's making me disappointed. But I'm still thankful that it's still high and I did not get lower than 3.5. 

I should just strive better the next time. Anyway, i know why I failed to make some of my subjects 4.0 is because I was quite lazy and I felt that I did not push my limits. I know I deserve only a 3.5. By the next semester, I hope I would be more focus on my studies. 

I'll be having a week long semester break and soon after, I'll be having my 2nd semester.  Time flies so fast. I'll be enjoying this week long break because I know when I get to school again, i'll be very much pre-occupied again. 

Chrome: Newest Browser Project of Google


Written on Wednesday, September 03, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

I'm trying the newest browser project of Google, Chrome and I find it very cool. Why?

First, because of it's appearance. The look is more modern, hip and very refreshing to the eye. It has less buttons and it uses special tables. Instead of traditional tabs like those seen in Firefox, Chrome puts the tab buttons on the upper side of the window, not below the address bar.

Second, the sites are very accessible. You load up pages faster than other any other browser. The browser has also an address bar with auto-completion features. Called ’omnibox’, it offers search suggestions, top pages you’ve visited, pages you didn’t visit but which are popular and more.

Another great feature of Chrome is it has a "special dial" feature similar to the one of Opera. On a new tab (without the address), you will see your most visited webpages as 9 screenshot thumbnails. To the side, you will also see a couple of your recent searches and your recently bookmarked pages, as well as recently closed tabs

Another thing that is cool about Chrome is that it has also a "privacy mode".Google says you can create an “incognito” window “and nothing that occurs in that window is ever logged on your computer.”I haven't tried it yet but it's cool to have that feature.

And what's more is that it's open source. You can download Chrome at Try it for yourself. I've been loving it and I'm still using it.