A Month W/out A Cellphone! Can you handle that?


Written on Thursday, May 22, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

Mobile phones are everywhere. They are necessity for many people. Imagine a life, without a cellphone for just a month. What about for a year? In this world evolving in the new era of technology, I think a few people can handle that.

For a month now, I don't have any mobile phone. I used to have one. It's because my Motorola v3i is not working properly. I really don't know what's wrong. When I charge it, i have to charge it for more than 6 hours and I can only use it for an hour. Weird huh? Maybe it's because of the battery or the charger whatever it is I hope I would find someone that can repair this phone.

Not having a cellphone for one month, has its own advantages and disadvantages.


1. Nobody is bothering you
You will not get bothered by anyone. I have many friends bugging me when I had my cellphone. Now, I have a valid excuse for not replying. And i had a worry free life. :D
2. You do not have to check anything.

You don't have to look your phone hour after hour just to see if there's a missed call or someone texted you. And me as being forgetful, I don't have to mind where I put my phone. And I really enjoyed this advantage, for I felt free from the responsibility of having a phone.


1. I am not updated about my friends
I don't know if they moved to another country, another school or another planet. Anyway, there's friendster for that.

2. I can't keep in touch with my loved ones.
My father is in Cebu and I'm here in Makati. I can't text him. =C Just to keep in touch, I just email him and we sometimes talk in YM.

I'm loving the freedom from a cellphone. But definitely I would repair my phone or buy a new one because even though I can stand without a phone, sometimes we need our phones for emergencies and unexpected events. So I say I cannot really handle a year without a phone.

How about you? Can you handle that?

Please bear with the pictures. Had it in my bedroom that's why it was dark.

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  1. E-Tavasi |

    Mmm.. why suddenly your phone is not working properly :) my old nokia also have the same problem..charge 2-4 hours but i can only use in 30 minute...so sad

    So i just send msg, turn off my vibrate, and when i want to called someone, I need to connect it always with my cellphone charger... hehehe

  2. ennah d student |

    It's hard to do that because I travel a lot. I got a lot of messages and got many phone calls from my friends.

  3. Jirel |

    I don't know what happened to your phone but hope it will soon be ok.
    Yes, there are many advantages and disadvantages of having a cell phone but of course more advantages than disvantages in todays tech-life.
    For me advantages of not having mobile phone is I do not get disturbed when I am studying or doing other important works.
    One main disadvantages is not being able to be in contact with my relatives, friends and other people.

  4. <<<< m y s t i c >>> |

    u knw i am in a similar fix as you are.My screen got broken somehow and its like broken from the inside.I cant see any messages and i am able to dial only numbers on speed dial.
    And i have been fuming coz there are no screens in stock in the market.
    I am having a hard time dealing with a broken screen let alone living with out a cellphone for a month!

  5. ennah d student |

    Thanks jirel. I also hope that I'd get enough money to have it fixed. :D

  6. April |

    it would save me money from all the cell phones I damage by throwing across the room...or car.

  7. Beena |

    I used to think I wouldn't live without a cellphone especially when there were still classes. But now that it's vacation, I don't even check my phones anymore. I have friendster and YM to talk to my friends. ^^

    It's a different story though when you're travelling. Having a cellphone is like.. necessity.

  8. ennah d student |

    @ mystic

    as i saw for me, it has its disadvantages and advantages. :D

    @ april

    oh you just throw your cellphones? Please throw it to me. LOL.

    @ beena

    we have the same perpective. When I had my classes, I can't leave my phone even for a day but now i'm in my vacation and my phone is not working, I'm perfectly fine without it. Just for this summer. :D

  9. Laibeus Lord |

    Yah I can! A year, a decade.. no problem!!

    The good ol' days is much better without "extra expenses" that are not necessary for every day living.

    You know, I just throw my Motorola ROKR E1 anywhere, because it's TOUGH. :p

    But nah, I'll keep it coz my fiance wants me to, so no choice there. Other than that, I don't need celphones. Landline and laptop is enough.

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