New CellPhone: Nokia 6233


Written on Saturday, May 31, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

At last, I got a new phone - Nokia 6233. Well, it's not really mine. My sister bought this phone but she's still using her old phone. She's generous enough to lend it to me because she knows I'll be needing one in couple of days because school is starting.

Nokia 6233 is a 3G phone with new Series 40 with animated 3d menu and graphics.

What I like about 6233? It's simple yet elegant.

~ Nokia 6233 has a music player and two twin speakers that gives a 3d surround effect. I really like listening to music. And I'm enjoying the speakers. Not only that, it also has a stereo FM radio and can handle a range of formats.

~ It's attractive with it's metallic body frame casing. It's handy. It's not that heavy for a 3g. phone.

~ It has 6 mb internal memory and 64 mb internal memory card which I can store a lot of pictures, music and games. You can still add up until 2 gb of memory.

~ It is Bluetooth, Infrared and USB supported. Web browsing is fast and battery life is long.

What I don't like about it.....

~ The camera is only 2 mega pixels and there is no flash.

~ There's no front camera.

~ The buttons are hard to press. But I don't know, maybe without a phone for a month, I'm not used to texting anymore.

Overall, I'm loving it. And it will be my baby for days to come. Hehehe.

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