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Written on Wednesday, May 14, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

Summer getaways are almost over and two weeks from now, students like me will have to face another school year ahead of us. I know every student is still not prepared to go to school and we’re still enjoying the summer vacation. But still we cannot change the fact that we will be coming to school soon, so I prepared a BACK-TO-SCHOOL guide.

1. Check your old stuffs.

If you can still use your old clothes for this coming school year or your old school stuffs like ballpens and notebooks, please do so. Prices of commodities are increasing so we better save up some money. You will not only save money, you can also help mother earth. Also checking your old stuff will help you see what you still need to do for shopping.

2. Talk to an upperclassman.

Talking to an upperclassman will help you with the insights of the subjects that you will be taking and the professors that likely to handle that subject. Upperclassman can also help you handle the subjects and survive throughout the semester. They can also lend you with some stuffs like papers and textbooks that you need for some subjects. Lucky for you, if they give you a free tutorial on your subjects.

3. Do your complete back-to-school shopping after school starts

Some may agree or disagree with me. But I find less crowded in the mall after school starts. And usually, professors give their need to buy list in the first day of school, so it’s better you make up first a complete list of really need to buy stuffs.

4. Be mentally and physically prepare

Because it’s summer and there’s no need to wake up early, we tend to sleep late and oversleep. Try sleeping early and waking up early a week before the school starts so that you can adjust easily. Try also to get enough exercise, so that you can be physically fit when the school starts.

A good way also to be mentally prepared is to read in advance what subjects you will be taking up. You’ll get a lot of insights and you will be prepared for your first class.

5. Get on the right foot

Getting off on the right foot means managing your time effectively and establishing good study habits. At the start of school, try to maintain a calendar of homeworks, assignments, test descriptions and test dates. (It really helps). If you get things right at the start, you will get the flow and continue to set a good study habit.

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  1. Lester Cavestany |

    Maybe we can add: And get ready to win International Awards.

    Let's encourage our undergrads to follow the example of the UP comsci students who won the Duke's Choice Award this year



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