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Written on Sunday, June 15, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

I have a lot of friends asking me for PC Specifications that fits in their budget because they want to buy new computer. And because of that, I want to share to you the PC specifications that I came up recently with your 13k budget.

Intel E2200 (2.2 G) 1 mb 800FSB PDC 3640 php
ECS GF7050VT-MS Nvidia - pcle/S/GL/rai 2300 php
160 gb Western Digital SATA 2250 php
PQI 1gb 533/667 1070 php
Inno3d 7300GT 256 ddr3 128 bit divi 2300 php
Casing w/ power supply 1340 php

Total 12, 900 php

This prices is based on PC Express prices. This specification is ok if you want to play CABAL online in your pc and other online games. In this age, many are trying to trick you with high price but not so good PC specs. So my advice for you is to be wise and check first the prices in the market before going to buy new PC parts.

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  1. intrepidideas |

    That looks like a really good system. I'm sure all of your friends will be happy. Good luck!


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