Patience is a Virtue..


Written on Tuesday, June 03, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

If you have read my post about my subject, open source, you'll know that I have to wait for three long hours for that subject (Read post here)

Today was my first time to wait. And because I have nothing to do in that vacant time (I have nothing to study because it's just the start of the school year), I was VERY bored waiting.

I was very sleepy but I can't sleep in a chair and a table. If I have to sleep, I need a bed and a pillow. That's why I can never sleep in class. To keep me busy, I wrote this blog post in a piece of paper first and typed it when I got home.

My blockmates who are also enrolled in the same subject (Open Source) are also with me, bored to death. So we end up playing card games even though card games were not allowed in our cafeteria during 12-2 in the afternoon. Due to boredom, we were forced to hide the cards and play discreetly. If we get caught, we can have a minor violation in the school. Three minor violations will lead to a three-day suspension. I was really nervous playing. Luckily, the school guards did not caught us.

I'll be waiting for 3 hours, every Tuesday and Thursday for 3 months. I need to be patient enough. But I hate waiting I don't know what to do? Maybe, it's just at the start, I'll get the hang of this. This situation will really test my patience.

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