Can I Get a Job Soon After I Graduate?


Written on Friday, June 13, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

Well, I'm really sad today. Because my sister said a lot of discouraging words about my course. My sister and I have a common friend who took up Computer Science same school as mine. He was my sister's former classmate in high school. And that friend of ours graduated last March and decided to teach in my school. He said the reason why he got into teaching is because its hard to find a job in the I.T. industry. Come to think of it, why is it hard for him to get a job even if he graduated as a cum laude?

My sister graduated in University of the Philippines also just this March. She took up BS Tourism. Even before she graduated, Mandarin Oriental was hiring her. Philippine Airlines was suppose to hire her but she declined because there is a two year bond. She has plans to get married next year and stay for good in Canada with her boyfriend.

And she said to me that I should regret taking up my course because there was limited job opportunity unlike with her course. She said that I'll be like our common friend force to teach in a school because of limited opportunity in the I.T. industry. She said that my hard work is non-sense if no one will employ me.

I got really down by her words. As if she is saying that I should get into another degree or change career path. And what keeps me really sad is because she was very discouraging, as my sister, i'm expecting her to be encouraging me.

My sister was also considering that maybe one of the factors is our school. She's from University of the Philippines (U.P.) and me I'm just from Asia Pacific College. I know a few of you only know this school. My school is just small and unknown compare to U.P.

Even though I know my school is not that popular, the teaching here is very good. I am happy here and I'm happy to take up a course that I really like.

Can I get a decent job soon after I graduate? I really don't know. I just hope that my sister is not right.

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  1. Shazbot |

    Odd that those words came from your sister. While it may be true that jobs are hard to find these days, hard work has never been nonsense. At its best, it could land you a high-paying, prestigious job. At the least, it proves your worth as a striving intellectual but the last in itself, is a very fulfilling detail to know.

  2. David Tamayo |

    Amazingly I posted about a similar topic at
    I for one would hire you in a second. It would be in the food industry, but with a lot of room for growth. Just let me know. =0)

  3. Ennah d Student |

    I know I should just strive hard for it and just prove to her that I can get a job easily.

  4. Bill |

    I don't know that you can't get a job, especially in the field you are pursuing. It seems that IT jobs are in demand right now, and computers are becoming more and more popular. I think your sister is just jealous.

  5. dyemeyd |

    don't let others bring you down.
    I.T student ako and i know for the fact na nde mawawalan ng trabaho ang isang student who takes up computer-related course kasi nga in demand na ngayon. And it's not about the school rin. basta't you're doing your best para gumraduate!;)

  6. Ennah d Student |

    ennah to bill

    I don't know. Maybe she's jealous but I don't think so. She got a lot of job opportunities ahead of her.

    ennah to dyemeyd

    yep i'm doing my best in my studies. I really do hope to graduate with latin honors. hehehe. I just want to prove my sister wrong in the near future.

  7. allknowing superboi |

    well.. it all depends on ur determination on pursuing a career of ur choice.

    i recently graduated lang din (last march lang) but modesty aside, marami naman ang kumukuha sa akin kahit di pa ako naghahanap ng trabaho. siguro kasi when i was still in college, ive already exposed myself sa mundo na gagalawan ko kaya aun, medyo may nakilala na ako and stuff...

    ganon nalang din siguro gawin mo...

    expose urself to the IT world, soon ul find ur dream job as well..

  8. RiyAh |

    hi! don't feel upset because IT people nowadays are in demand to work abroad. Most of the companies now uses computers and internet so surely they would be hiring IT/Programmers. Advice coming from a Recruitment Officer of A manufacturing company. (that's me)

  9. Beena |

    What a coincidence. Our english professor told us to read an essay about education by Conrad de Quiros.

    He said that the main point of education is not to make people land jobs but to bequeath to the world a generation that can think.

    So I think we should not really worry mostly about landing a job because if that is our way of thinking, then we only think "survival" and we do not aim to be better than "survival".

    There are new colleges here that are sprouting like mushrooms though not as prestigous as U.P. but they claim that they immediately get their students to land a job. So that should not be a problem for you. ^^ Cause I bet your university is a lot better than those sprouting like mushrooms whose only main goal is to get their students to land a job. Sigh.

  10. Ed |

    Do i know him? I guess he's my classmate in high school too.=D

    Anyway, when I was in high school, I really didn't prioritize going to UP or to any other popular universities or colleges because for me, it didn't matter at all to me. UP is a good school but nothing beats a good student, well, for the hard working and smart one.

    After I graduated in college, I realized I should've taken an IT-related course instead. I believe there are a lot of jobs waiting out there (especially abroad), you just need to be patient in looking for one.


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