Candid Pics in our First Week in School


Written on Friday, June 06, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

Most of the pictures here are candid pics.
Some are just pretending that it was a "stolen shot". LOL.
These are my blockmates - SSE63. They're really fun to be with.

He's so camera shy so I grab my digicam and pretend that I was tweaking it.

Alphard (the guy that was looking) saw the cam and smiled.

They were all unaware.
Mhar (girl) did not notice the camera.

April smiling at the camera.

Mhar and Sami (Couple)

Kevin and Miles (Couple)

April is checking out someone

Melo and I (No, we are not couple)

Nap is all smiles in this pic

Guess who's hand is this? Clue: Not mine

He's thinking of something

Wow! Macaroni! Yummy..

Whenever she sees a camera, she automatically smiles.

Me, writing my "Patience is a Virtue Post"

Alphard is busy writing his poem

The boys are busy playing warcraft in Sami's new laptop

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  1. suspect |

    it's nice to be back in school! good luck on your studies.

  2. Ennah d Student |



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