Organization Day 2008


Written on Thursday, June 12, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

This week was Organization Week in our school. And I missed being an officer, I was supposed to be an officer of Junior Philippine Computer Society (JPCS) APC Chapter but I quit. Read Post(Organization Vs. Studies). Now that I'm not an officer anymore. I joined as a member in most of the clubs.

Actually, you can join in three organizations only. But I have the feeling that the school admin does not monitor how many organizations you have joined so I joined in 7 organizations out of the 20. I know it's a lot but I'll just be active in a few.

These are the organizations that I have joined:

Flickers Photo Society - It's a club for photography lovers. Even though I don't have an SLR camera, I just want to join because I love photography and want to learn more about it.

Junior Information Systems Security Association - I liked this organization because I'll got a lot of benefits in joining. I'll get to attend various seminars and tutorials about networking. I can also get a lot of discounts in certifications like Fluke CCIA, Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) and others. I can also get free licensed software from Microsoft. I think the registration fee of 200 php is ok because of the benefits.

Junior Philippine Computer Society (JPCS) - This was my former organizations and I still want to support my former co-officers in their events.

Explorer's Club - This club aims to explore different places in the Philippines. I want to explore more of the Philippines and at the same time meet new friends in this organization

Math Society - I am a member of this club ever since because they always give plus points to their members that still have Math subjects. I have many Math subjects so I really need to join this club. Hahaha.

Pro Guild - This club is about programming. Well, this club is really not that active in school and just joined it because it's just free and it will still be good in my resume. It is also good if

Association of Junior Marketing Association - Actually a friend of mine just forced me to join this club. Well, I should give it a try even though I am not a marketing associate. But I'm really interested in business.

I wonder if the school admin will notice that I joined 7 organizations already...

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  1. Beena |

    Wow that's a lot. I'm only planning to join 3 cause I really need to focus on my studies and I can't handle joining more than 3 orgs :))

  2. Ennah d Student |

    It's really a lot. I'll be focusing more on my studies which means that even if I'm a member, I won't be that active. Don't try what I've done. It's still really good to have few organizations so that you can focus on your studies. Studying is your main goal not the orgs. Three orgs are ok. Above it, it's really not advisable.


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