My Laptop Got a Bath


Written on Saturday, June 28, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

I always leave my laptop in my study table. Lately, I'm not putting it in its bag anymore because I always use it anyway. And a lot of people in our house also use the laptop, so I felt secured leaving it behind because I thought that many people will take care of it while I'm away at school.

However, when I got home this evening, my sister gave me the bad news. My 3 year old niece poured water in my laptop. The keyboard and mouse were not functioning well and my LCD got water inside of it. I was horrified seeing the situation of my laptop. The good thing about it is that it's still booting. I cried after seeing it. I cannot believe what have happened.

I don't want to get angry at my niece because she is still young and she still doesn't know what she's doing (even if she is in a day care already). I did not get angry but I feel so depressed because I still got a lot of programs to do and it's very hard for me to surf the net and blog

Lucky me, my boyfriend lend me his laptop - an IBM Lenovo T61. It looks like my laptop but a newer version. I hope I get to finish my program by Sunday so that I can give it back to him. I'm actually using his laptop at this very moment and I also do hope the keyboard will work well tomorrow when it's already totally dried up.

Lesson: Always be cautious. It's ok to be safe than sorry.

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  1. Julius |

    Hi ennah! AH sira na laptop mo! hehehe. Yung akin napatakan ng tubig ala nang sound tapos yung keyboard sira yung number keys. And finally lcd no display na.

  2. Z'riz |

    hi dear! hope you get ur lappy working...

    Deranged Insanity
    Traipsey Turvey

  3. Ennah d Student |

    @ julius

    wala ng pag asa ung laptop mo.. naiintindihan ko na kung bakit ayaw mo dalhin.. gumagana pa naman ung akin.. external keyboard na nga lang muna cguro ako. huhuhu

    @ z'ris

    i'm really hoping that sooner or later it will work well.

  4. Shazbot |

    Ooh, ouch.

    The only nearly "catastrophic" thing that happened to my PC was when my cousin's 3-year old son slammed back the CD tray when I caught him fiddling with it. I thought the drive wouldn't function again. To make matters worse, the disc 1 of my Men of Valor --- a Vietnam War first-person shooter --- was on the tray when it happened. 0_0

    I hope your laptop gets fixed Enn.

  5. E-Tavasi |

    So sad about your laptop..
    you should start on your laptop if there is still water inside..
    you should wait it dried.. maybe you can use hair dryer or..or anything..

    if not this will cause problem to motherboard :)

    next time.. always cover your laptop with anything or put inside bag..

  6. dyemeyd |

    OUch.. ang sakit ng nangyari sa laptop mo:( i can feel your pain:( huhu sira din ung laptop ko kng kelan madaming gagawen sa school:(

  7. Danity Donnaly |

    Oh no! I hope it works!

  8. pogingpayatot |

    nightmare! matuyo sana. *eyes closed. praying for your laptop*

    commercial: may tig-si-sixteen thousand na palang laptop. nakita ko kanina sa wellcom. la lang.

  9. G. |

    Ah that must have been frustrating. Yeah I hope you fix your laptop somehow xD

  10. Bikran |

    ohh so sorry for your laptop ..i hope it has started working again as before ..
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  11. Jhamy whoops! |

    hello.. blog hopping lang po.. :)

  12. lionel |

    Sad news to read. Hope things work out and you get something new soon.

  13. KhEyCeE |

    eow! i'm so sorry for your laptop..hope it gets fixed soon..


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