My Not So Beautiful Day


Written on Monday, June 16, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

As I entered the school today and went straight to the library because I came very early for my class, I saw my blockmate, Ely, at the corridor greeted me and said that I'm really getting fat. I shrugged it off by saying "Do you really think so?"

After I went to library, I went to the cafeteria where my blockmates usually hang out whenever they came in early. As I was walking towards the table, Sami, also a blockmate of mine, said the same thing - that I was really getting fat. And all of my blockmates also agreed that I'm really getting fat. Sami demonstrated to all of my blockmates there how big my tummy is when I am walking. So who cares if I'm getting fat.. My tummy is big but I'm really not that fat, I'm just chubby. But I'm getting a little bit concious about my weight because I think I'm gaining fat because I usually eat lunch at fast food restaurant. I think I should cut off my fast food intake.

When I went to our room for my first class, my classmate, Jessie, said that I looked stress out. I think it's because I had a lot of zits and I have a particular that is very red and big. A classmate of mine, April, who was late for the class said that I looked that I didn't get enough sleep.At lunch, Julius also a blockmate said to me that I used to have a very sexy curve but now I have a lot of bulging fats.

Many people noticed me today that I looked fat or ugly in some sort of way which is very unusual. And because of that I felt that I'm very ugly today.. but they can't bring me down. I will make ways to improve my health, maybe I just need a regular exercise. I just don't get to exercise that much because of my schedule. Or I am just too busy with my laptop and surfing the net.

As I was typing this, I remembered the song "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera. I particularly remember the line "I am beautiful in every single way, yes, words can't bring me down, so don't you bring me down today"

Indeed, I am beautiful no matter what they say. Hehehe. This day is what I will call "ugly day" in which we sometimes encounter once in a while.

<--- Me, in my beautiful day. I'm just 12 years old at that time.

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  1. CyberJake |

    ohh... people can be so inconsiderate sometimes... take it positively. even if you're getting 'huggable', you're still beautiful, and nothing gonna change that, inborn na kasi yan. heheh

    kaw kasi eh.. ang hilig mo sa McDo :p

  2. Ennah d Student |

    hehehe. oo nga e.. Mcdo talaga yata ang nagpataba sa akin. Pero love ko pa rin ang Mcdo.

  3. cristiniwini |

    I love McDo and that's why I got fatter when I entered college. Haha. :)) Anyway, we all have a dose of ugly days once in a while and before the day ends I always remember to listen to some perk-me-up song so I wouldn't bring the ugliness with me the next day. :]

    just bloghopping :)

  4. Ennah d Student |

    Same here. Nice advice you got there. I should try to listen to some perk up songs, too.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Ed |

    Ok lang na mataba basta ,aganda pa din at matalino..hehehe


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