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Written on Friday, June 06, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

When I was in my first year in college, I was lucky enough that I had a driver and he had to drive me to and from my school. But due to financial crisis, our car had to go and I was forced to commute.

Because I was not used to commute and I was not familiar with the streets, I commuted by train particularly by MRT (Metro Railway Transit). I just drop off in Magallanes Station and walk from the free shuttle bus that is provided by our school. From my school, I go home in the same route also.

Now, that the oil price is increasing rapidly and that I have to save my allowance, I am now forced to take the bus. Buses here in the Philippines have two types: the ordinary and the airconditioned. I usually take the ordinary to save more. But I have to say that ORDINARY buses are the most unsafe vehicle in the world.

I really got a lot of experiences in ORDINARY Buses. Here are the list of my extra ordinary experiences in ordinary buses.

1. Because ordinary bus drivers drive very fast (as fast as a roller coaster), my head always hit the wooden chair. I think the government should implement seatbelts in the passenger seats of ordinary buses. Hehehe.

2. I had experienced two incidents that the bus driver was very fast that he hit a private car.

3. When I was staring outside of the bus' window, I began to notice small cockroaches (about 30 of them) in the curtains. It was so gross. So whenever I seat in a bus, I don't seat near the window.

4. A guy sitting right next to me tries to take a picture of me secretly with his front cellphone camera. I really don't know why guys try to do that. I experienced this thrice already. As if I won't notice it.

5. When I dropped off the bus, a guy followed me and asks for my name. It was so scary. At first, I thought we just going in the same route but when I was about to cross the street, he tapped my shoulder and asks for my name. I did not give my name but he still insisted and was still following me. I just run away and immediately hailed a tricycle.

6. Someone sits right next to me, asks for my name and my cellphone number. I usually give a different name and a wrong number so that they'll stop asking for it.

Luck for me, I did not experienced being robbed. I've known many people already experienced that so if I were you, you really should be watchful with your environment whenever you are in a bus.

Usually, I take the train in the morning so I won't get late and take the bus in the afternoon when going home.

Well, I have no choice, if I really want to save enough I have to take the bus. I really don't want to depend so much on my parents. As much as possible, I don't want to ask for extra money to them. I really just have to be careful when riding in public transportations, may it be train or buses.

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  1. lionel |

    Always be safe. If strange people start following you, go to a crowded place. If they ask for your info, tell them flat out that you're not interested. That should stop the normal stalkers. With that celphone cam issue, simply confront them: "Gusto mong mag-smile ako o nakasimangot?" That should stop them, I think.

    Also, if you need tips on riding the MRT/LRT, I wrote a blog post years back that outlines my surefire secrets to always getting into the crowded trains. Hope it's useful.

    God bless.

  2. dyemeyd |

    I agree with him ^.^ I'll just add another thing. ALWAYS BE ALERT on commuting.:) That makes you safe on travel especially with robbers or manyaks:D hehehe

    nice post:)

  3. Ennah d Student |

    @ lionel

    Well, whenever I say I'm not interested giving out my info, they would still bug me to give it to them.

    Your tips are very useful. In fact, I've been using most of your tips when I have to ride in MRT/LRT.


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