I don't like RAIN because I love going to school


Written on Sunday, June 22, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

It's been raining so hard here in the Philippines during this weekend because of the typhoon Fengshen (locally known as Frank) . And because of that classes here from elementary, high school and up to college are suspended. That's why I don't like rainy season because classes are getting suspended and also because my birthday falls in the rainy season (rainy season here are between june to september). I know many of you don't believe in me. Because a lot of students unlike me loves rainy season because classes are being suspended.

Well, I used to but not anymore. When I was in high school, I like that classes are being suspended because I can have a rest day from my 6 to 6 classes. I don't have to bother to rush and cram for a project or an assignment that I have to pass on the submission date. I got to play online and won't worry for any school work for that day.

Now that I'm in college, I now have a different perspective. I now don't like classes being suspended because I am now eager to learn new things. And whenever we have suspended classes, we are the ones who will suffer because we have to take make-up classes on saturdays or in our vacant time because we have to catch up with the lessons that we have missed. I also don't like the rainy season because I have to suffer going to school wet in a formal attire.

And what I really don't like about rainy season is that it causes accidents and calamities. Like today, a lot of people are bracing floods all over the country. And a passenger ship (MV Princess of the Stars) got capsized. Now, my perspective is not selfish anymore but I'm now more concern with the safety of other people around me. I think this is a sign I'm getting more mature.

Let's all pray that the condition won't get worse and that all would be safe.

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