To Buy Or Not To Buy


Written on Monday, September 22, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

I'm torn if I will still buy the new book for my Operational Research subject a.k.a Quamet2. The book that I need is Quantitative Analysis for Management 9th Edition by Barry Render that will cost about 850 pesos. The book is required for the course but we were also allowed to have photo copies of it. I'll be only using it for three months and it's not my major subject so I'm really thinking twice in buying the book. It's expensive for me and for the fact that I will be only using it for three months makes me think twice.

However, I don't want photo copies of the book because there's a big chance that I might lose it. So I really want a book copy of it. So I'm also considering buying a second hand. The problem is where to find a second hand copy of the book.

I really need the book and I really want to study hard for the subject because I've heard in the upper-batch that my professor is a hard to please one. One subject this term can really affect my GPA because I only got 4 subjects. One subject with a low grade can pull my GPA(Grade Point Average) down. If ever you do have one, can I borrow it? :D I would really appreciate it. Hehehe.

But what do you think, should I buy a new one or just have photocopies?

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  1. minnie |

    photocopy mo nalang.. :D Or, if you have a younger brother/sister na same course ang kukunin just like yours, bili ka nalang.. ;)

  2. Ennah, the comsci student |

    wala kasi me younger brother/sister na gustong mag computer science. parang mahirap daw yung course ko.. nakikita kasi nila ako na sleepless nights. hehehe.

  3. minnie |

    hehehe, sayang naman.. pero, okay ung course na kinuha mo.. ako, computer eng'g graduate ako.. and i can say, madali makahanap ng work.. God Bless..


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