Getting Disappointed At E-Games


Written on Sunday, September 14, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

E-games Philippine is the software publisher company behind the revolutionary free-to-play MMORPG in the Philippines like RAN online, Granado Espada, Audition, Cabal and others.

I've been loyal for E-games for quite some time already, about 2 years and I'm getting more and more disappointed at their service.

I even bought a loyalty card in their 1st anniversary gaming event, Domination. I really like their online games, especially Audition, RAN and Cabal. The nice thing about their games are their free to play. But sad to say when it's free, don't expect good customer service.

For a year, I have no complains at them. But lately, I am getting disappointed with their service.
Why? Because of the following reason:

First, my first account at CABAL was banned without no apparent reason. Good thing that I did not bought E-points before I got banned. I did not use any 3rd party program. I think as a gamer, I have the right to know why I was banned. They should inform us through e-mail. I should be able to know what terms did I violate. But sadly, they did not inform me about anything through my email.

Second, the extended maintainance of Audition for almost a day got my and other people den(money in Audition) wiped out. I had almost 1.3 million den. They just gave me 120,000 den as a compensation for the super extended maintainance. And another thing is that there's a lot of bug and bots in Audition.

Even though I'm getting disappointed, I'll still be playing online games of E-games. I really like E-Games but I do hope that they'll do something about their service.

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  1. Marvz World |

    aww... that was not good... I have also experienced that in Egames... I like playing RAN also... 2 of my +4 armors were gone after a server maintenance... I have reported it also but until now all I have is a ticket number and have not got the items back...

  2. Ennah, the comsci student |

    aw. i hope e-games will do something about things like this. sometimes, i don't like to play anymore because of something like that.


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