My First DOTA session


Written on Monday, September 15, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

I had my first DOTA session today with my blockmates. It's not my first time to play DOTA, my former high school classmate, Kevin introduced me to DOTA but it's my first time to actually play with my friends and not an A.I as an enemy.

My first impression at DOTA was it was not that fun contrary to the popular belief. Maybe because I only played with an A.I. but when I got my first DOTA session today, i was converted.

I was supposed to go home right after my enrollment today. However, my guy blockmates asked me to join them in their DOTA session. At first I was hesitant, but after thinking long enough and knowing that i don't have things to do at home, i finally agreed.

I was the only girl in the group. I did not get awkward because they were my blockmates. But as I entered the internet shop, that was the time that I got awkward because I was surrounded by boys. But I didn't mind.

I know the basics but I don't actually know how to start with the strategy and what items to buy, so they were kind enough to teach me. I also have a "mercy" status in the group. Because I was newbie, nobody can kill me except if i'm killing them.

For three hours, we got overall 4 games. My team didn't win any of the games. When you're my team mate, our team will surely lose because of me. LOL. However, even if i didn't win, I got to kill some of my hero enemies. It was not about winning but it was about having fun. I did enjoy playing and it was fun having a "mercy" status. Nyahaha.

Till next time, blockmates. :D

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  1. Christian Gregory Melo |

    Next Time we play to win =P

  2. Maricel |

    OOHHH!!! A girl gamer just like me! I used to play DOTA with my blockmates too when I was still in college! :-)

    We would even play after we got home on GG client and BattleNet! Hehehe! I was a certified addict that time.

    Don't worry dear, you'll learn to love the game more and more when you get used to playing with your friends for fun and winning! /gg LOL!!!

    Business Mars

  3. Ennah, the comsci student |

    oh you're a dota addict mommy maricel? wow! you are really a one of a kind mom..


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