Finally, End of Semester


Written on Monday, September 08, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

Last week was our finals week a.k.a hell week. I was so busy then and not to mention, stressed out. Luckily, i manage to budget my time and do things one step at a time (Jordan Spark is singing in my head - LOL). That was really the key why I managed my time even though I had plenty of things to do.

Last Saturday was our class card distribution. Class card distribution means officially ending the term. Yipee! It means I can relax now. I was so happy that my grades was high enough even though I expect a much higher grade in one of my subject. Anyway, I'm still thankful that I got high grades.

These are my grades:

Note: 4.00 is the highest grade and 0.0 is the lowest with an interval of .5. (which means that the next higher grade to 4.00 is 3.5)

Philosophy of Man - 4.0
Operating System - 3.5
Data Networking - 3.5
System Analysis and Design - 4.0
Statistics - 3.5
Open Source - 3.5

GPA = 3.66

As you can see my grades are the almost there but not quite stage. I'm almost 4.0 but I did not made it. See that's why it's making me disappointed. But I'm still thankful that it's still high and I did not get lower than 3.5. 

I should just strive better the next time. Anyway, i know why I failed to make some of my subjects 4.0 is because I was quite lazy and I felt that I did not push my limits. I know I deserve only a 3.5. By the next semester, I hope I would be more focus on my studies. 

I'll be having a week long semester break and soon after, I'll be having my 2nd semester.  Time flies so fast. I'll be enjoying this week long break because I know when I get to school again, i'll be very much pre-occupied again. 

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  1. Anonymous |

    job well done!

  2. Beena |

    Whoah that's high O_O

    I think my QPI won't even reach 3.0 :D we have the same grading-system :D

    Your semester ended already? That's fast. Is your school using the trisem system?

  3. Ennah, the comsci student |

    @ anonymous


    @ beena

    i didn't know that ateneo have the same grading system. Yep our school is using the trisem system that's why our semester only last for 3 months.


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