My Birthday!


Written on Monday, August 04, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

August 1 was my birthday. And now i'm already 19 and a 3rd year student. Time flies so fast and after a year, I'll be graduating already. A year is such a small span of time. So fast that when the time comes, I'll be leaving this blog. Hopefully, to replace a new domain that will serve as my outlet of passion and also to help more people. But I hope before I go and leave this blog, I hope I can leave something worth reading, inspire others and be able to help in my own little way. Anyway, that's my purpose for putting this blog in the first place.

Enough with the realization, I got to have pizza birthday party with my friends at school last Friday. I got a camera but I was so engrossed with the moment that I forgot to capture any pictures. Anyway, it's the memories that will stay in my mind that matters. I really had fun with them. My friends and I are just suckers for pizza.

And the good thing about that day is that it was the last day of I.T. week in our school so there were no classes and I just enjoyed the movie marathon in the auditorium. I had fun watching Sweeney Todd even though it was so bloody and I was relaxed watching What Happens in Vegas. Later that night, the school had an I.T. Night party in which bands played but I did not finished the event because I have to go to our house and have a little celebration with my family. I got a chocolate cake, chicken and spaghetti.

After that mini-celebration with my family, my boyfriend and I went on a date and we are supposed to watch the mummy but the seats are already full, even the last full show. So, I just bought some medicine because I had runny nose at that day, stroll in the mall and went straight home. It was really a one jam packed day but I really had fun.

I can't imagine this is my last year being a teenager after a year I'll be twenty-teen. Gosh, I'm really getting older. Anyway, everybody is getting older. Hehehe.

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  1. Ed |

    Belated! =D

  2. Rowena Tadiarca |

    Hi Enah,

    Belated Happy Birthday. heres something for you


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