Classes Suspended.. Too Late


Written on Wednesday, August 20, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

I woke up late than the usual. During monday, wednesday and friday. I usually wake up at around 6. But today, I woke up at 8:30. The first thing I noticed was the window. It was raining hard outside. I think it was the reason why I didn't wake up early because I enjoyed the coldness the rain was giving. I liked to sleep more but I have classes at 10:40 am so I immediately get up because I need to prepare so I won't get late.

I did my usual routine, checked my mails first before taking a bath. After getting dressed up, I ate my breakfast. I was suppose to go at 9:50 but the rain is still pouring hard and I don't have an umbrella.

Because I don't want to be late for my first class and buying a new umbrella will consume a lot of time (I'll still need to go to the market), I decided to get a cab to school. Right at the moment that I just got inside the cab, my boyfriend texted me that classes in all levels are suspended starting 12:00 nn.

Awww. Come on. Why do people suspend classes in the middle of the day? I only have one class in the morning starting from 10:40 am up to 11:40 am. Getting a cab is such a waste. I wasted 80 pesos just to go to school and to think of it after an hour, I'll be going home already. A waste of time, power and money.

I just wish that the next time they'll suspend classes, I hope they'll suspend it early in the morning. Anyway, I just have to look the brighter side of things. I got home early and I got to do my thesis and rest for a bit.

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    you're really a good student,
    very studious student,
    thats good attitude,


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