Freebie for E-Gamers Out There


Written on Tuesday, August 05, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

Are you a caballista like me? Do you like playing audition, o2jam or RAN online?

And because i had my birthday last week, I want to give something special to all E-gamers out there. This freebie was suppose to be for my guild mates only but because only few gamers are online on our guild (only 5 at most including me), I want this freebie to be open to anyone who drops by at my blog.

I'm giving away two 50php worth of E-points for the first two person who will write a comment at this blog post and guess what's my middle initial. Well, you have 26 letters to choose from. Hehehe.

It's just a small token for e-gamers who are reading my blog. Well, the mechanics is not that hard.

Don't forget to put your e-mail address so that I can contact you as soon as possible. I'll be sending the pin to your e-mail address. I'll be waiting for your comments.

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  1. Anonymous |

    hello master ganda....


    well all I can say is I hope everyday is your b-day...

    hahahaha echoz...

    I will guess oyur middle name...




  2. hotswipe |

    yeah, may free ako hehe

  3. hotswipe |

    it's j hehe apc mail hehe

  4. Ennah d Student |

    haha. jesse.. middle initial lang hinihingi ko.. try mo ulit..

  5. Ennah d Student |

    wee ang bibilis nio.. bsta freebies ang tao mabilis.. it's not yet close.. jesse, bilisan mo. :P

  6. Anonymous |

    mali pla....

    "J" pla.....


  7. Anonymous |


  8. Ennah d Student |

    Congratulations to hot swipe and jesse marie politico for winning the mini e-games contest. I already gave the award to hotswipe and i'll be sending the ep to jesse via e-mail. Thanks for participating.

  9. Petitehye |

    Hello, dropping by and hope you are okay. Drop at us anytime you are available. You can also check informantion about the 2008 Beijing Olympics Results and Winners there. See you ;0


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