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Written on Thursday, July 10, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

It's been a while since my last post. I am very much busy lately in school. I can't manage to post in between class anymore because I am more focused on my school works. Even though I am busy, I really don't want to stop blogging because it's my outlet. It's something I do to enhance my writing skills and to express myself. If you know me personally, I am shy and only have a small closed knitted friends and in blogging, I feel that I really do have a lot of friends (even halfway across the globe). I can express myself without being shy at all, my life is an open book to all and I can share things that I know to others.

I also missed blog hopping. It's interesting being able to see others opinions at a topic and learning new things. It amazes me how much knowledge I can gather in just blog hopping for an hour.

While I am away, my google account was disabled due to invalid clicks. I was really shocked. because of course I was not clicking it (specially I am busy). Oh well, I am really not into earning, it's just a bonus for blogging because as a student, I really need an extra income because I got a lot of expenses (tuition, computer, books, etc.). I think I should just switch to bidvertiser.

Today, I am not that busy but this weekend I'll be doing the waste exchange system so now I will be more hectic. I just wish we will come up with a nice prototype by next week. Please wish me luck in my project and I also need your prayers. Even though I am busy, from time to time, I will be checking my blog and I do hope that I will be able to post regularly just like before.

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  1. Blog2u |

    That's too bad about your Google Adsense account. A lot of people have this problem. You can write in if you want and they sometimes will restore the account.

  2. Beena |

    I second the motion. O_O
    I haven't been blogging lately too. Forgive me also if I haven't been visiting and leaving comments T T
    College has been toxic... but fun indeed ^_^

  3. Chris A. |

    Ahoy again my fellow Computer Science friend. You are not alone when it comes to google banning your adsense account. The worst case scenario is that your actual blog link will no longer be index in Google. That is what happened to CMAQUEST ( http://cmaquest.blogspot.com )my dear friend. Well, I already am over that fact, so I just made a new personal blog entitled life on a pencil.

    Here is the link:


    Hope we can also exchange links there too. Just drop by a comment. Hope we can exchange notes. Ciao!

    Chris A.

  4. lionel |

    You *COULD keep an analog blog (i.e. notebook diary) and transfer whenever you have free time...

    But really, don't worry about it. School is way more important! God bless.


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