Busy Mode is Over


Written on Monday, July 21, 2008 by Ennah, the comsci student

YYYYEEESSS!!!! Midterm week is now over. I am now free of stress. But I will still be doing a lot of school works but I am more relaxed now. I need to relax myself after the long hard week. So, I watched Dark Knight. It's really nice. I really recommend that you watch it. But if you don't like serious movie, don't watch it. Hehehe. Heath Ledger was so good in the movie. It's so sad that he passed away early. I just hope the next batman movie is as good as this movie. It's worth to watch it.

Enough about Dark Knight, after the midterm exam week, i still need to wait for my midterm results - the GRADES. I just hope that I get a high grade. I'll get the results, i think, by next week. With study and prayers, I just hope I pass with flying colors.

And the good thing about my busy mode being over is that I can catch with blogging, with playing cabal, and with many good things in life. Hehehe. But of course, studying always come first. I just want to balance it out with my life, sanity, and school.

I also want to apologize to all my blogger friends. I'll promise to put your tags and visit your blogs hopefully by this week. Keep blogging! =D

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  1. My Pink Shoelace |

    I miss school ... the exams, the projects, then the "laags" with classmates to the malls. *sigh* things are just so different when you proceed to graduate school ... almost all your classmates are stiff, boring and old. grrrr...

  2. Anonymous |

    good luck with your grades! :) watched the dark night too last night. enjoyed it too. i can't imagine heath as heath anymore because his portrayal of joker was so convincing :)



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